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We provide a variety of services for companies, government agencies and organizations. Here’s a glimpse at what we offer.


terraplant ltd. is committed to preventing environmental impacts and/or reducing them with appropriate measures to a minimum. Within permit procedures, we verify whether a building project is in compliance with the relevant environmental laws and regulations and support the construction process. We help companies assess the environmental impact of their activities, be in compliance with the environment laws and regulations and define their own environmental strategy. In the scope of risk prevention, we develop natural hazards maps and deliver the basic information to determine risk zones for the spatial planning.

Nature & Landscape

terraplant ltd. is committed to maintaining nature and landscape in good condition and being promoted as a whole in their diversity and in harmony with humans. In so doing we contribute to the quality of life, the recreation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Landscapes are the result from the interplay of nature and human culture. They fulfill important functions for each individual and the society: economically as location-factor, ecologically as natural resource, socially and emotionally as living space and recreation area. However, humans are the most severe competitors for many animal and plant species: about 100 species worldwide become extinct from earth every day.


Terraplant is committed to implementing the high standard of knowledge of ecology in the real world and offers practical services and products for the conservation of our ecosystem.

Applied ecology deals with the implementation of ecology into practical solutions for our daily life. The seemingly useless makes again sense considering it as a part of our environment.

Service Tools

Terrapalnt offers a series of interdisciplinary services, including informatics applications and related topics.